TidyBlocks: Authors

Maya Gans

Maya is a freelance data scientist and front-end developer by way of quantitative biology. She has 4 years of experience programming in R, and her passion for data visualization brought her to the weird world of JavaScript. When she isn't debugging or blogging, she's somewhere climbing large mountains.

Justin Singh

Justin is a freelance developer who largely works in web development. He's interested in anything that makes the web a bit weirder, and if he isn't reading is probably playing around with WebGL.

Greg Wilson

Greg has worked for 35 years in both industry and academia, and is the author or editor of several books on computing and two for children. He was the co-founder of Software Carpentry, a non-profit organization that teaches basic computing skills to researchers, and is now part of the education team at RStudio.

Other Contributors

Samar Elsheikh: translation to اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ (Arabic).

Boryana Koseva: translation to Ελληνικα (Greek).

Maria Dermit: translation to Español (Spanish).

Lorenzo Andreoli: translation to Italiano (Italian).

Yuri Bae: translation to 한국어 (Korean).

Giovani Ferreira: translation to Português (Portugese).